How To: Create Farmville hay bale art with any picture

Create Farmville hay bale art with any picture

If you were a real farmer, hay bales and their appropriate organization would be a big manner of logistics. As feed for your horses, pigs, and goats, they're prized (and inexpensive) food as well as great padding for barns.

But if the only place you've gardened and farmed before is on Facebook, then your haybales are probably more pretty than functional. And if they're not pretty, then make 'em so! Check out this Farmville tutorial to see how to stack together some awesome hay bale art using any picture you like.

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So many people uses Photoshop in so many ways, but so few people knows how to use it...

If could bet, if we could acquire "free copy" of dump truck many people would travel by them into malls.

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