How To: Get points fast with no cheats in Farm Town (06/06/09)

Get points fast with no cheats in Farm Town (06/06/09)

Check out this video on how to hack Facebook Farm Town using a cheat engine! This is a Flash game on Facebook by using a program designed to automatically make you beat it. This gives you more coins than you have earned.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to get fast points without cheating in Farm Town (06/06/09).

What you need:

1. 5000 coins
2. Facebook account
3. Farm Town city (on Facebook)


Buy 1 hay bale. It gives you 5 XP. Hay bales only cost 50 coins (money), and for 5000 coins you get 500 XP or 100 hay bales.

Farm Town hacks, cheats, glitches. How to hack Farm Town. Description of the app on Facebook:

In the world of Farm Town you and your friends can have a great time! You can play games, design, grow and maintain your own farm and even send gifts to your friends. Play now and share the fun with everyone!

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i´ like to add u in farm town

I don't see a hay stack on here...I made one w/my hay bales.

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