How To: Go up a level in MyBrute w/Cheat Engine 5.5 (09/09/09)

Go up a level in MyBrute w/Cheat Engine 5.5 (09/09/09)

Hack mybrute with this mybrute cheat. MyBrute hacks, cheats, tricks. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to go up a level in MyBrute with Cheat Engine 5.5 (09/09/09).

Do you want increase a level over night ? Simply create an account on moshuu.craciunuu(works with only that link because the account is programmed to give experience between 20-48).

Visit to play the game. In the words of mybrute: Mybrute is a flash based arena fighting game. Players create "brutes" and fight other players to gain experience and equipment. You can fight against other Brutes in the arena and recruit new pupils. Gain experience and fight tough in the ranking to become... THE BRUTE!

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