How To: Hack Click Challenge! v3.0 for 10,000+ (11/14/09)

Hack Click Challenge! v3.0 for 10,000+ (11/14/09)

How to hack Click Challenge! v3. Master your clicking skills. For this clicking flash game, all that you need is your computer mouse and your hand. Just don't overdo it though or you may experience arthritis at an early age!

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack Click Challenge! v3.0 for 10,000+ (11/14/09). For this hack you need Cheat Engine 5.5. The more windows that you open, the better. You could even reach a million if you want.

Description of the Click Challenge! v3.0 app on Facebook:

"How many clicks canna you make in 10 seconds? Are you better than your friends?"

Search WonderHowTo for all the latest Click Challenge v3.0 hacks and cheats, along with Click Challenge 3 tips and tricks.

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