How To: Hack Cube Crash using Cheat Engine (07/01/09)

Hack Cube Crash using Cheat Engine (07/01/09)

In this video tutorial, viewers will learn how to hack the flash game Cube Crash using Cheat Engine. Begin by opening Cube Crash. Then open Cheat Engine. Start the game and earn some points. Multiply the points by 8 and add it to the value box in Cheat Engine. Click First Scan. Repeat this step again and click Next Scan. This time, there should only be one address. Double click it and change the value to any desired number. Now when you play, you will receive that amount every time you score point. This video will benefit those viewers who play Crash Cube and would like to reach a high score in the game.

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i've followed the walk through guide and i finished my game and then it said i had no points...please help.

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