How To: Hack FarmVille with Greasemonkey in Firefox (12/23/09)

Hack FarmVille with Greasemonkey in Firefox (12/23/09)

This video tutorial shows how to hack FarmVille (12/23/10).
Are you tired of using Cheat Engine to hack FarmVille? Well now there's another way. This video will teach you how to use a Firefox entension called Greasemonkey and this script to cheat in FarmVille. Try it out!

Step-by-step instructions form the creator:
*Download and install Greasemonkey
*After installing Greasemonkey, restart your FireFox.
*Make sure that Greasemokney is Enabled (Must have color if it is).
*To Enable (if Disabled or colorless), just CLICK it.
*Install the script
*Go to FaceBook, it should work now if you did what I said.

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Description of the app from Zynga:

"Had enough of city life? Here at FarmVille, we're growing crops, tending to our animals, and building out our farms. It's a simple life, but there ain't nothing like seeing your farm grow. If you need a break, you can always visit your neighbors to see their farms. Matter of fact, we bet you already have some friends in FarmVille... you never know who might drop by to visit your farm, or maybe
even send you a cow. C'mon down to FarmVille, and start your own farm today!"

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