How To: Hack Flash Games

Hack Flash Games

This is a tutorial showing you how to easily hack flash (.swf) games!

You only need two things:

  • A flash game (in .swf format) and
  • Flasm (an amazing flash disassembler).

Getting Flasm

Step 1 Download Flasm

Flasm can be downloaded from the no| website.

Step 2 Save & Extract

Save and extract the .zip file into a folder on your desktop (for the ease of this tutorial). Here is what you will end up with:

How to Hack Flash Games

Note: I renamed my folder "Flasm".

Finding a Flash Game to Hack

Step 3 Game Source

I usually use to find good flash games.

Step 4 Select the Game

Now, select a game to hack and open up the game page. I have chosen the game Stick War for this tutorial.

How to Hack Flash Games

Step 5 View Page Info

Next, right-click next to the game and select "View Page Info".

How to Hack Flash Games

Step 6 Media File

Select the "Media" tab and find an embedded file that looks like it relates to your game in the list of media.

How to Hack Flash Games

Step 7 Save As

Highlight the file and "Save As" into the Flasm folder on your desktop.

How to Hack Flash Games

Disassembling the Flash File

Now, we have to disassemble the compiled flash file, for which we need to use CMD prompt.

Step 8 Open Up CMD Prompt

Step 9 Change Directory

Change the directory to your Flasm folder. For this, you will need to type in something like this:

cd c:\Documents and Settings\Sy\Desktop\Flasm

How to Hack Flash Games

Step 10 Disassemble File

Now that you're in the Flasm directory, we can proceed to disassemble the file and convert it into a text file using this command:

flasm  -d  509310_stickwarfull.swf > StickWar.txt

How to Hack Flash Games

This will create a .txt file of the flash game in the same directory.

Note: I am using a file called 509310_stickwarfull.swf, you will most likely be using another file name (for example, 388597_yourgame.swf).

For the time being, minimize the CMD prompt screen, but DON'T close it.

Now the fun begins...

Making Your Alterations

Now that we have a text document containing the ActionScript of the game, we can start to edit it and make some changes to the game.

How to Hack Flash Games

Step 11 Open the .TXT File

Open up the .txt file you've just created in the Flasm directory. Once the text file is open (using Notepad) you will see lines and lines of code. At first sight this looks confusing, but we're just going to 'pick' at the bits we want to modify.

How to Hack Flash Games

Step 12 Choose a Value

Search for a value or element of the game that you want to change. For this tutorial, I will be changing the 'cost' of buying people in the Stick War game (obviously, at a lower cost, lol).

Step 13 Find the Element

Use CTRL + F to find a phrase you're looking for. In this case, I chose 'COST', which after a few times searching, I found the elements that I wanted to change.

How to Hack Flash Games

Step 14 Modify

Make your modifications now, and save the file and close it. I have changed the cost of miners, archers, sword-men, etc.

How to Hack Flash Games

Reassembling the Game.

Made all your alterations and saved the file? Let's get to building the game back together now.

Step 15 Bring up the Minimized CMD Prompt

Step 16 Assemble the File

You will just need to type in something like this:

flasm  -a  StickWar.txt

How to Hack Flash Games

A comment will appear in CMD saying that it was successfully assembled:

How to Hack Flash Games

Step 17 Play the Game!

I tend to move the game files to a separate folder (by the name of the game).

Put the text file, .swf and .$wf into the newly created folder. You can place this folder anywhere you want now.

Open up the .swf file in your browser - Play Hard, Play Hacked!

How to Hack Flash Games

This is the game, fully hacked. So within seconds I have enough to quickly complete the level.

Have Fun!

Some Notes

  • Flash Games are written by coders of all shapes and sizes. You might find that one coder has called their currency GOLD in their game, and another coder that has called their currency COIN or CASH. It might take a while for you to peruse the text document to find what you need to change.
  • I DO NOT condone hacking high scores that can be uploaded to sites. Not fun at all and pretty damn unfair, don't you think?
  • When you open up your modified flash game, you will probably find that there will be no sound and the layout of the game has changed. This is because the sound files are usually stored separately and the layout is improved by using HTML to cover up the 'dirty' bits.

Thanks for checkin' out this tutorial and have fun!

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Anyway to do that on a Mac ?..

Flasm has a mac binary, it's probably more GUI based but may also use terminal, I'll investigate and report back later. And wtf? Who says Maccer?

Not a "Maccer", but give iHaxGamez a try. Seems like a legitimate app for the Mac fans out there, check this WonderHowTo article out... Looks like a nice clean interface (kudos to creator)

I dunno 'coz I'm one of the few remaining none "facebookers". Although I would have thought they have went the way of a couple of other flash based sites and restricted access to viewing the page info or embedded media. No harm in trying though.

plez help me.
when I try to re-assemble the .txt file with this command :
"flasm -a mygame.txt"
it shows....
line 0191 of mygame.txt:
label not found: label4"

The SWF file could be corrupted or might be protected...

Try downloading the SWF file again to see if there was an issue during download. Disassemble and re-assemble the file without making any modifications to see if it works alright, if not, it could be protected.

It could just be as simple as a dodgy alteration to one of the values.

Will take a deeper look into it soon if you're still having issues. Not sure what else to suggest at the moment.

barn buddy rare animals

i like rare animals

I've used this guide with no problems in the past, but on this game, when I input the -d line, it says "Unknown file attribute: 96". I downloaded it again, renamed it, checked attrib, disassembled some other swf's (they work fine) but I can't find the problem here.

The game could be protected. Most of the time this is just useless data thrown in to confuse disassembly (-d) that flash players ignore...

I won't go too much into it (another tutorial perhaps?) but modifying the file using a hex editor could shed some light on the situation (alter header signature etc.).

its showing error
'flasm' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

when i go into media and find the embeded file there is none?

Does this work only in firefox? because the view page info doesnt appear in chrome?

what u say that i need to find is the embed file what it appears is the object instead of embed is object ok?

I have one question, how do i find the swf file of a game which works via flash on workspace?

I have been trying to hack a game called magic campus, it's an online game, which you insert the "website" url in the flash app shortcut on the "destiny", but so far no idea of where the swf file may be.

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