How To: Hack flash games with Cheat Engine

Hack flash games with Cheat Engine

Ever wonder how so many people can blow you away at all of those Facebook games or other flash games? Well, there secret isn't good play, it's cheating... it's hacking... it's Cheat Engine.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack flash games with Cheat Engine. Cheating with Cheat Engine 5.5 is pretty much the same for all the Facebook game apps and other flash based games. The game used in this video tutorial is Staggy the Boyscout Slayer II.

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how to add farmville cash and coin

I need help hacking Alpha Wars browser game. To help you understand which game it is here is the link to it:

The major resource in the game is Titanium, you can either trade oil(the trade cost doubles after each purchase) or buy with a credit/debt card. The game only allows for resources to be gathered one at a time @ 1min, also you can only build either 1 unit or 1 building at a time.

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