How To: Hack flash games with Household Hacker

Hack flash games with Household Hacker

Household Hacker demonstrates how to hack flash games.

To get started, you need:

1. Cheat Engine:

2. Your favorite flash game.

We are going to show you how to hack any flash game using Cheat engine. You can hack games like bloons, desktop tower defense and many others. Increase your money by finding the HEX code.

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please give me a colonel rank of sf

please give me colonel rank of sf

no one is gonna give you colonel rank on soldier front.

can u make a tutorial showing how to hack game desire poker or pool 8 for example i m trying to do the same way but im failing

Click frozen nd you have infinite money and you don't have to change hex, you just type 650 and keep buying stuff until you only have 1 string then change value to 10000 and then just hit freeze.



I'm having a hard time using Cheat Engine 6.2 for the flash game Zombie Lane. I have tried different ways on changing the health value, but once I thought I have succeeded changing the health value, a few mins later the website makes me reload and I end up loosing all of my health value that I have created.

I must not be using the Cheat Engine 6.2 correctly or there are on to me. Any suggestions or advice i would be highly appreciated. If there is a way, please explain in steps. Thanks.

BTW, instead of using firefox.exe to use for my process, I was told to use plugin-container.exe as my process. Is there a difference?

can u make the tutorial to how to hack DDtank 2's coins and vochers??
because Echeat engine is not work in ddtank2....

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