How To: Hack Happy Aquarium with Cheat Engine (09/29/09)

Hack Happy Aquarium with Cheat Engine (09/29/09)

This might be an old hack for Happy Aquarium, but for some of you it may still work. Most of you will not be able to do this, but it's always worth a shot, right? It's a cheat from 9/29/09 (wow!—retro hack) for which you need Cheat Engine 5.4. Newer versions of Cheat Engine should work, too.

To do this Happy Aquarium hack, perform the following steps.

1. Open Cheat Engine.
2. Open Happy Aquarium.
3. Choose your web browser in Cheat Engine (either firefox.exe or explorer.exe).
4. Click OK.
5. Enter the number of XP you currently have.
6. Click on the First Scan button.
7. Start playing Happy Aquarium—earn some more XP.
8. Once you earn more, go back to Cheat Engine and enter the new amount.
9. Click on the Next Scan button.
10. Choose the last number in the list.
11. Click the red arrow.
12. Double-click on the Value and change it.
13. Click on Frozen.
14. Go back to Happy Aquarium and earn some more XP—again.
15. Done.

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i didnt click freeze and now im lvl 0 with negative xp

you must change the value of 0 in 9999999999 for exemple

i cant download cheat engine 5.4 C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\My Documents\bryz\CheatEngine54.exe.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

Try again later, or contact the server administrator. try downloading it from there... cheat engine 5.5 works also but you don't have to freeze it.

download it from cheat and désinstall the others cheat engine

My XP increased... but the LVL has n't .. what must be the wrong??

HALP. Didnt click freeze and im at negative XP, and I cant see my full ammount of XP.

u can use cheat engine 5.5

anu naman yun

I used cheat engine successfully except once i close or refresh Happy Aquarium it goes back to whatever level i was on before i hacked it , what can help solve my problem?
thanks ,

this is already patched, the same method works on food thought

Even though it is patched there is still one way around it. If you change you EXP to one point before you level up and then gain one EXP it will save you level. Ive only got it to work once because i dont know at which points you level up. If anyone knows please post them on here. Thanks

One breakpoint at least is between 8049 and 8050 (level 18-19), so set your value with cheat engine to 8049 and then get 1 exp point in the game for example by cleaning your friend's aquarium

Another one at 9370-9380. This would be to achieve level 20. However it seems my levels aren't staying if i update the page. So I believe this is patched too =(

# LEVEL 1 – EXP 0-104
# LEVEL 2 – EXP 105
# LEVEL 3 – EXP 225
# LEVEL 4 – EXP 360
# LEVEL 5 – EXP 520
# LEVEL 6 – EXP 700
# LEVEL 7 – EXP 915
# LEVEL 8 – EXP 1160
# LEVEL 9 – EXP 1435
# LEVEL 10 – EXP 1760
# LEVEL 11 – EXP 2130
# LEVEL 12 – EXP 2560
# LEVEL 13 – EXP 3050
# LEVEL 14 – EXP 3620
# LEVEL 15 – EXP 4275
# LEVEL 16 – EXP 5030
# LEVEL 17 – EXP 5895
# LEVEL 18 – EXP 6895
# LEVEL 19 – EXP 8050
# LEVEL 20 – EXP 9380
# LEVEL 21 – EXP 10910
# LEVEL 22 – EXP 12675
# LEVEL 23 – EXP 14710
# LEVEL 24 – EXP 17055
# LEVEL 25 – EXP 19755
# LEVEL 26 – EXP 22865
# LEVEL 27 – EXP 26450
# LEVEL 28 – EXP 30580
# LEVEL 29 – EXP 35340
# LEVEL 30 – EXP 40825
# LEVEL 31 – EXP 47140
# LEVEL 32 – EXP 54425
# LEVEL 33 – EXP 62815
# LEVEL 34 – EXP 72480
# LEVEL 35 – EXP 83620
# LEVEL 36 – EXP 96455
# LEVEL 37 – EXP 111240
# LEVEL 38 – EXP 128280
# LEVEL 39 – EXP 147915
# LEVEL 40 – EXP 170540

I posted the levels, none of the "cheats" seem to be working
has anyone had any luck?

i hv upgrade my level from 21 to 33 but when i refresh my page it's gone back to level 21 again.. why? cant u help me with it??

wht about level 41 & above? whts their EXP?

whenever I use the cheat engine for any hack it always comes up with the following message: what does this mean .. scan error:thread 1: stream read error

But even if it gets a 1 or 2 XP to change level you can not
only publish the poster and you can not really change
levels. What to do? runs with XP's=)
is there any possibility to get more Pearls with Cheat Engine?

me also like
I used cheat engine successfully except once i close or refresh Happy Aquarium it goes back to whatever level i was on before i hacked it

how can i get more pearls?

Yo you have to do the cheat engine level by level.
say your on level 10=1760 and you want to cheat to LEVEL 11 – EXP 2130. put in 2100 hit frozen on the cheat tool and gain the rest of the EXP legit. so you would only have to gain 30exp to get to 11.

It works well for me by the way i listed above.. :)

Also by the frozen button on the cheat tool click beside the box intill you see the plus sign beside the checked frozen box.. hope i helped..

that hack don´t work, couz i press f5 my xp returns to the same

its the same hack as listed above you just do it level by level leaving 20exp to get legit then it will stay at the next rank..

not staying, following your directions DC49, can you list step by step

OK say your on level 15 and you have 4300exp and you need 5030 to get to level 16. Do the cheat the same way as listed above with cheat engine but only do it level by level DO NOT SKIP LEVELS IT WILL NOT STAY..okay so you would change your EXP with cheat engine to 4990. So you know only have to get 30 EXP legit to level up instead of doing it all legit..also when you click frozen in cheat engine click right beside the check box for frozen when you click it you will see a minus sign click it again and you will see a plus sign. Go back to the game earn EXP it will skip ahead to what you put in then close Cheat engine. Then click home on facebook then go back to the game if it didnt stay repeat but use a lower number instead of 4990 use 4985.But it should work the first time just use a number 30 points from what you need if it doesn't work use 40 points less than what u need. if you follow these steps works great for me..
Any questions just ask..

To: DC49 ..Ok... It worked for me yesterday!!!!! I tested it first on a new profile I made followed the steps with the plus minus beside the freeze thing...level by level legitly.. worked great and stayed after refreshed... I went sign in to my good profile which is level 32 to try it on that... and now it wont work for either :(

If yall still don't get it. Recommend a good screen recorder program for free and ill put a vid up.

Hey I followed your directions and was 40 exp minus level 29 but i refresh the page after gaining my level and it still does not save. Any help?

I don't understand I hack it so i have like 100 exp to level and i earn the exp legitimately and It still wont let me keep the level.

eh i had it working, can you confirm its still working? i got from level 10 to 16, but im stuck at level 17, maybe cuz it has no award on it?

help me .....
i hacked happy aquarium with help of ur video.....and used ur step by step increament of worked for me...

i also increased my coins but i cannot use them to buy anything.........
please help

I have no idea why it is not working for yall then. It is still working well for me

well, i just am curious why it isnt working, when i boost my level up to like 200xp to level up and i earn the res in a legimate way, i cnanont but the new fish i unlocked.

I can level up from 39 to level 40, I get the window that says I reached level 40 tells me I have unlocked the fish, when I go to the store to buy the fish it is still unlocked but will not except the coins, the sale will not complete... PLEASE HELP

DC49... Can you buy fish?

Using Cheat Engine 5.5 does not work for Happy Aquarium. The game has been designed to not allow this well-known cheat. You can change your pearl and coin count, but you cannot spend them. They are, in essence, fake. Also, when you use Cheat Engine 5.5 to level up, it will show you that new things are unlocked, but you can't buy them... even with real coins. I'm sorry, but this method of cheating just doesn't work. No matter what you do or how many times you try, when you reload your page, whatever coins/pearls/xp that you cheated to get will be erased and you will see what you had before you entered the cheat. I learned this the hard way by spending lots of money and time on earning pearls and then wasting them by trying this cheat. I promise you, it DOES NOT work.

then why does it work properly for dc49? =(

really thanks for the cheat..ive successfully change the value of XP. I am also using this way to hack food value, change to 9999999. Thanks again!

after im refreshing the windows, it change back to sad!useless!!

Ok we have established the 5.5 cheat engine does not work anymore, any I deals?????

lol stfu guys, it does work. i have it working now. try getting 30-40 exp by cleaning your friends tanks

after im refreshing the windows, it change back to sad! wat to do???

i am in level 20.
what is the next level to go that it is works?

i succued.
New problem: I cant buy anything!!!!!!!! what to do????


lut c pour savoir la musique de ta vidéo plzz merci =)

What is the name of this song ? :)

the 5.4 doesn't work either. I used it and it worked fine but as soon as I refresh the page everything it back to normal

okay, i tested it again yesterday, try getting 60 exp legit. it fully works.

i follow all the step above,but lastly when it come to step 11,how can i frozen? i use 5.5version

same problem as everyone, I did it and when i refresh the page all back my normal lvl =O, alredy tried 1 by 1 xddd

i got a really wierd glitch that gets me free pearls

i was at lvl 13 used the cheat, and went to exp 4270
then after i feed my fish a couple times i get a free pearl

i try last week, using 5.4 or 5.5 both of the engine i try but none of it are working. it will return when refresh. please help me. Thanks.

hey wat i have to do after...freeze.......when i refreshed the page.....then there is no change

can the cheat engine be used on a mac?

Does it still work for anyone when u cheat to almost whole level, and do the last experiance legal? Doesent for me when i uppdate the page.. =/ Im using cheat engine 5.5.

CE doesn't work for me ... -.-

Hello, help me Please !!! I can't buy new fish, now !

I think the developers of happy aquarium have closed the bug wich could be used to cheat the XP-Points. It's no longer possible to cheat on happy aquarium with cheat engine!

If it works for someone, he should tell it!

but when u go back later it gone down again y?

hello any news in this hack?

How come it says i need a disk to hack okay i click on firefox and then it says i need a disk so it says i need a disk to hack?Okay wise i know what i'm doing but confused on the disk part.

what song is used in this video?!

how come when i hack money it doesn't even let me buy fish? and when i hacked my pearls it didn't let me but some kool fish and stuff

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