How To: Hack Happy Island money (12/20/09)

Hack Happy Island money (12/20/09)

There's an easy way to get more money in Happy Island, and the answer is Cheat Engine. With CE, you can easily earn more money, so start hacking today!

See this video tutorial for learning how to hack Happy Island money (12/20/09). Download Cheat Engine 5.5 first, then start hacking coins and money in Happy Island.

Happy Island is a Facebook flash game from CrowdStar that lets you enjoy warm weather even when stuck in a cold part of the world. A virtual tropical and volcanic island is reminiscent of Hawaii, and your job is to grow your tourism business via attractions like hotels, luaus, and fruit stands. Try to bring more customers and earn more money so you can further expand and exploit your island tourism chain in Happy Island.

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Is still working the cheat in happy island? Im done in changing the value to 500...when i moved the item to another place it wont take placed.... it's still moving as i hover the cursor....

First off i dont have firefox (im new to this cheat engine thing btw) and i dont know what address to look for??? And when i go to type the number in thats hovering over the bag it has like....2-3 options of things i can choose, but i keep typing in the new number when people walk into it and i go next scan and its still got 2-3 options i did it like 5 times with no difference. So i guess im doing something wrong with the program or the addres thing. Someone help me

lolz nvm. Uhm now im havin the same problem as Girlie0709????


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