How To: Hack Jetman on Facebook (09/11/09)

Hack Jetman on Facebook (09/11/09)

See how to hack the flash game Jetman, which you can play on Facebook. This Jetman cheat will give you top score using Cheat Engine.

This is a Jetman video tutorial. See the steps on how to hack Jetman on Facebook (09/11/09). Nothing much to this hack, just download Cheat Engine 5.5.

Jetman is a simple game developed by SGN. You're basically a "jet man" on his way down the cave, trying not to screw up and smother yourself into deadly obstacles. Fun and simple.

Description of the game on Facebook:

"Jetman is a simple yet ridiculously addicting game where you jetpack through a cave in an attempt to top your friends' high scores."

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