How To: Hack Jungle Magic with Cheat Engine (09/20/09)

Hack Jungle Magic with Cheat Engine (09/20/09)

Open Jungle Magic and then open up Cheat Engine, click Browse and find the process that is running Jungle Magic (ex. firefox.exe). Click Open and in Value Type change to Array of Bytes, copy the cheat code in Hex box and press First Scan. Select the value from the left area, now in the bottom area change the value to the cheat value. Go to the game and start to play, you will see that now you have unlimited time. Go back to Cheat Engine and click New Scan, change the value type to 4 bytes, untick the Hex box. At the game look at your score, now put your score in Value and press First Scan. Go to the game and raise tour score a little bit, back in Search Engine click on the Enable Speedhack, search for your value, then scan. It will show your score on the left white space, on bottom space change the value to the one you want, uncheck Enable Speedhack, now go back to the game to receive the score you have putted on Seach Engine.

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