How To: Hack MindJolt's Christmas Crunch on Facebook with Cheat Engine

Hack MindJolt's Christmas Crunch on Facebook with Cheat Engine

Step 1 Download Cheat Engine

You can get Cheat Engine here.  After downloading, install it on your computer.

Step 2 Log Into Christmas Crunch

Log into your Facebook account and go to MindJolt's Christmas Crunch game.

Step 3 Open Cheat Engine / Play Game

Open the Cheat Engine and start the game.

Step 4 Open the Process List

In Cheat Engine, click on the little computer icon (select a process to open).  After you clicked on it, you will see the Process List with all the processes running on your computer.

Step 5 Find Your Web Browser

You must find the process named Firefox.exe, Chrome.exe, etc.  It depends on which browser you use.  When you find your web browser's name, open it.

Step 6 Value Type

As you played the game and have a score on it, for example 200, you must multiply the score by 8 (200*8=1600).

When you now your score mulitplied by 8, go to Cheat Engine and set Value type to All (Byte to Double).

In Value type, input your number, in this case 1600, and click First Scan and wait until searching is done.

Then you go to game again and play some more, just to change the score, for example, the new score is 500 (500*8=4000).

Go to Cheat Engine and type 4000 in Value type and click Next Scan.

Keep doing this same process over and over again until you have only 2 or 4 lines of Adresses with the Value you are trying to find.

Step 7 Choose the Address

Now, click twice to open the Address which is ending with 4, example 02d59c38 : 4.  And now you can see that address down there in the bottom of Cheat Engine.  Click on the value twice and enter the value you want to be your score.


If I type in 8000, my score in the game will be 1000.

Step 8 Play the Game!

After you do that, play the game to the end and that's it.  Enjoy!!!

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