How To: Hack Mushroom Madness with Cheat Engine (09/22/09)

Hack Mushroom Madness with Cheat Engine (09/22/09)

YouTube user Hacker of None teaches you how to hack Mushroom Madness using Cheat Engine. Start the game from Kongregate website and then run Cheat Engine. Search for your browser, which may be Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, in the Process List and then click Open. Change the Value Type to Array of bytes and make sure the Hex box is checked. Then simply enter the values provided in the video to access the hacks. These give you one hit kills, unlimited ammo or no money will be needed. Enter a value, click First Scan and then double click the hack on the left to bring in to the bottom. Then simply check the box there and start a new game in your browser.

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