How To: Hack My Pet Protector 2 with Cheat Engine (01/24/10)

Hack My Pet Protector 2 with Cheat Engine (01/24/10)

This video shows how to hack My Pet Protector 2. You can hack health by taking the amount you have and multiply it with 8. When you lose some health you will need to repeat it. Then drop it down and freeze it and change the value to 80000. Come to the cheat engine then put the value on the box for hex value. Then hit enter and you will get one result. If you didn't get any result, repeat the process by entering another value which is multiplied with 8. Once you got it double click on the link and tick on the frozen box. When you change the value make sure that the number is divisible by 8. Now you are done and enjoy the game!

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