How To: Hack MyBrute stats (05/30/09)

Hack MyBrute stats (05/30/09)

Mybrute Stats Hack, allows you to change stats of your brute.

Hack mybrute with this mybrute cheat. MyBrute hacks, cheats, tricks.

Visit to play the game. In the words of mybrute: Mybrute is a flash based arena fighting game. Players create "brutes" and fight other players to gain experience and equipment. You can fight against other Brutes in the arena and recruit new pupils. Gain experience and fight tough in the ranking to become... THE BRUTE!

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can you please give me another place where i can download that hack? i can't do it from that site.

i forgot to add my e-mail adress for response:

can you please give me too a palce where i can dl that program thanks.

if u want a bear use my char! it is proven that u get a better chance to get a bear if u make a pupil to some1 that already has one!!
just make a char, use all 6 fights, and if u dont get a bear try again! i hope u hav fun and LOTS of luck!!!

a Char that is Trinket scripted and transfers script to pupils go make a new char by fighting and get 50 xp every fight sooo... is scripted found out by scanning the game with system acc scanner
Pupil me and you'll get a bear!
I made a cheat that actually works :p

Please go to and do the fight.My opponents very often gain animals after our fight.I'll pupil you back.Good Luck Guys ;]

Pupil me if u want to get a bear u have to get to lvl 3 first for it to work

http:/ i have a bear if you want it just create new and u'll be my pupil and you have a chance of getting my bear for about 75%


Pupil this guy for a panther!!!!! really works i got one!

50% chance of getting "Immortal"-Skill on next levelup after fighting these brutes:

The chances of getting a bear is really rising when you became a pupil of brute with pets.
Try the links (first has a bear, second has 2(!) dogs):
The probability of getting the bear or wolf on 3rd level then is much higher.

----> <----

FIGHT with me! Get animals!

instant level up if fighting this hacked char:

Use it before they fix the bug!

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