How To: Hack Ninja Saga to give yourself more token skills (10/28/10)

Hack Ninja Saga to give yourself more token skills (10/28/10)

Here's a way to hack Ninja Saga to increase all your skills to be precisely where you want them to be! You'll need to be running the game in Firefox, and have the latest version of Cheat Engine downloaded on your computer.

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how can i add firefox to my cheat engine

.s.e.n.d. me 100000 tokens, and 1000000 gold..

i tried your #$%@ing tool and it's just a #$%@ing virus!!!

You should download the Cheat Engine from the actual Cheat Engine website: Not the one listed in the YouTube annotation.

kong gosto nyo ponta kau sa www. cheat ninja sag

give me token please

i need token to...plezz give me....

give token....1000 token

40000 tokns l?

pls send me 3000000 and 800 token

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