How To: Hack Restaurant City (05/12/09)

Hack Restaurant City (05/12/09)

This Restaurant City cheat works as of 05-12-09.

cheat engine 5.5 download:

then search "memory find" code: 01000000a0860100

Restaurant City is a Facebook game that allows you to create your own restaurant.

Description of the app on Facebook:

In Restaurant City you get to create and run your very own restaurant! Design it, decorate it, hire your friends to work in it, and collect new ingredients and menu items! Be sure to visit your friends' restaurants as well! Will you be the next Restaurant Mogul? Or perhaps the best architect in your city? Find out! From Playfish - the creators of Pet Society, Who Has The Biggest Brain? and other top-10 games!

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at tht part where i type in the 0's...
I didn't find an ao36 :SS

its not working!!! do you change the numbers to 00 for the first 3-4 lines?
any help plz?

whats next after changing does 0's?

wat is the code that type in the "find memory"....?

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