How to Hack Restaurant City: 3-in-1 cheat (11/30/09)

3-in-1 cheat (11/30/09)

Want a cool 3-in-1 hack for Restaurant City? Go no further. You don't even need Cheat Engine for this one! Just Piaps Restaurant City Hack.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack Restaurant City: 3-in-1 cheat (11/30/09). This hack is good for employee stamina, fast cooking (1 second), and fast serving (within 5 seconds). To do this hack you need to download Piaip's Restaurant City Hack:

Download Piap's Hack and enjoy!

Restaurant City is a Facebook game that allows you to create and manage your own virtual restaurant.

Description of the app on Facebook:

"Cook up a storm in Restaurant City! Have you ever wondered what it might be like to start your own restaurant? How about we add a pinch of competition, say, a street full of restaurants run by your friends, allow you to create your own menu of amazing dishes, and top it off with a large dollop of fun? Sounds pretty tasty huh?

Restaurant City lets you run your very own restaurant and employ your friends to work for you as waiters and chefs. And with a wealth of different decorations, furniture and equipment to choose from you can really make your mark with a completely unique restaurant. You can visit your friends' restaurants too and even trade ingredients with them to help you create a menu which ensures your restaurant is the talk of the town! Play now and let's get cooking!"

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