How To: Hack Roller Coaster Kingdom coins & levels (10/22/09)

Hack Roller Coaster Kingdom coins & levels (10/22/09)

Get more money on RCK than you ever could imagine… get higher levels than you ever though possible… hack your way into success on Roller Coaster Kingdom. You just need WPE Pro. Download WPE Pro now.

Roller Coaster Kingdom is a Facebook game that allows you to erect the best theme park in the world! Get Roller Coaster Kingdom hacks, cheats, tricks and tips right here! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack Roller Coaster Kingdom coins and levels (10/22/09). For the money cheat, look for "wavepayout", and for the leveling cheat, lock for "rides taken".

Description of the app on Facebook:

"Roller Coaster Kingdom is a game where you compete against your friends to build the world's greatest theme park!"

Search WonderHowTo for the latest Rollercoaster Kingdom hacks and cheats. Roller Coaster Kingdom tips, tricks, and glitches.

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