How To: Hack unlimited invites in Sorority Girls (08/16/09)

Hack unlimited invites in Sorority Girls (08/16/09)

Sorority Life hacks, cheats, glitches. How to hack Sorority Life. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack unlimited invites in Sorority Girls (08/16/09).

Description of the app on Facebook:

Live the fabulous life: fabulous fashion, fabulous friends and fabulous parties! Create the perfect look for your avatar. Hit the mall for the latest fashions. And get a job to pay off your shopping obsession. Next stop: campus' nonstop social scene. Need some R&R? Hop over to the spa or take a spring break Caribbean cruise.

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has anybody written this out, this video is really blurry and I can't see all the clicks

i cant see a thing on this. and how do you get the cheat for this thing?

I couldnt see, too blury =S

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