How To: Hack your pet's color to blue in Wild Ones (6/8/10)

Hack your pet's color to blue in Wild Ones (6/8/10)

One of the most popular applications of the cheating tool Cheat Engine 5.6 for the Facebook game Wild Ones allows you to change your pet's color to whatever you want. This video will teach you how to do so by using Cheat Engine to hex-edit your character. This video demonstrates how to make your character blue, but you can use this technique to make them any other standard color.

From the creator:
Peach : 0x2000FFFF

Black : 0x20000000

Blue : 0x201703CA

Dark Red : 0x202A0A0A

Grey : 0x206C6C6C

Green : 0x2000FF00

Pink : 0x200FF00FF

Grey 2 : 0x200C0C0C0

Dark blue : 0x20099

Dark Red : 0x20993333

Sky blue : 0x2087CEEB

Royal blue: 0x204169E1

Lime : 0x2000FF00

BleuViolet: 0x208A2BE2

Green2 : 0x207FFF00

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dude How to get this? tell me please

yes , i can do it
thank you

i made it

Thanx Man i Made it and we Wait for another good Hacks :D

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