How To: Level up in Ninja Warz (11/15/09)

Level up in Ninja Warz (11/15/09)

Find out a quick and easy way to level up in Ninja Warz. It's pretty simple and no cheating app like Cheat Engine is required.

Cheat and hack Ninja Warz. Start your own epic ninja battle with this new flash game! You can play this ninja war game at either Facebook or Twitter. Combat your enemy ninja clans and rise to the top. Check out this video tutorial so you can learn how to level up in Ninja Warz (11/15/09). To level up fast, instead of choosing other players, you can just battle the same one 5 times. Do it again and again and you will become powerful.

Description of the app straight from Ninja Warz: "Start your own ninja army and battle your family and friends!"

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