How To: Make a basic flash game

Make a basic flash game

To create a simple game in flash select the first frame and open the action bar where you will write "stop[];". Next you will make a start or begin button. Convert this button to a button. Then you can open the action bar and write "on(release) {gotoAndPlay(2)}". Afterward use F7 to insert a blank key frame and turn on onion skin. Next draw a path starting from the (onion skin) Begin button, make sure to draw the outer lines too, then color the area outside your path. Convert the colored area to a button then open the actions for that button and write "on(rollOver) {gotoAndPlay(3)}". Select the 2nd frame, open the actions and write "stop();". Next create a finish point for the game and convert that in to a button as well. In the actions for the button write "on(rollOver {gotoAndPlay(4)}". To create your losing screen make a blank key frame again with F7. Make sure to add in a back button on your losing screen, the action for the button should read "on(release) {gotoAndPlay(1)}". Then in the 3rd frame write "stop();". Create a winning screen in the same manner.

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