How To: Make an Elevation+Waterfall+Pond Farm Town (07/16/09)

Make an Elevation+Waterfall+Pond Farm Town (07/16/09)

This will show you everything about how to make a Elevation+Waterfall+Pond!

Here is the link to the farm "Isla Nublar Island".

Here is the link to Aesa's farm "Journey's End".

And here is the link to a spreadsheet that might come in handy.

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I need help!!! Sorry to bug you, but I am having the hardest time with this waterfall thing. Not that it doens't look easy or anything, but I cannot get the dirt path to cover the water. It stays red and says I cant place it anywhere but on grass. Am I doing something wrong?

hi i have same problem as you... pls help me...

how can i put the dirt path to water?..coz' its says that i should put it on an empty grass..could u help me?

I'm havin that same problem...

how do i get an answer??

can u put crops side by side if not fo to the wrech in the top rigt hand corner of farmtown and then u cn and u will be able to do this trick with the waterfall, in my opinion!!!! :=)

i have the same problem, I cannot put the dirt path to cover the water. I says I cant place the dirt path co'z it should be on an empty space. Please help me. Thanks for immediate reply.

By your farm name there are 6 little boxes,if you click on the wrench a menu pops up,now tick remove space between fields and this will allow you to put the dirt path on the water.

thank you so much.!!!!

Oh wow.. thanks so much for your demo & good humor! I love your farm & your friend's as well. I'm going to try your techniques.. I'm a level 29 too.. and am ready to make my farm a show place :o)) Thanks again, Doey

This is awesome. Pfffffft to those nasty people who think it's lame. They're probably my kids. Sorry about that. LOL

Thank you.

Dear Mr. WizeMan. Your tutorial is wonderful. I don't know who in the world would say anything unkind but they have to be lame. You are very kind to show us how to do these things freely. You said there was a link where I could come visit your farm and your friends farm but I could not find it. Could you somehow message me and then erase this comment so my name isn't everywhere out there. Kathryn Swilley on Facebook. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the information, I built my first waterfall. It turned out nice. I do not know how to link to your page, it said their was a link. It seems to be broken. Would you post it please. Again thank you for the class.

Thank you for the tips

I want to thank you for taking the time to make this.... I have been tryin to figure it out and could not. I have looked at other people trying to show how to do this and still made no sence.... yours totally did... not sure why you got nasty comments but I'm assuming they didnt want anyone else to do it. Well F***ck em... again thanks

I absolutely agree with everyone.. ive had a ball making those waterfalls.. i think you have done a excellent video !!!! The rude comments made only show their mentality .. probably cant do it..:)

we all loved your ttutorial and appreciate the help it gave us plus the pleasure of doing it on our farms. Thanks a million and forget what anybody else says! it just shows that people of low character unfortunately know how to use a computer!

Nice one. Thank you for uploading. And to the people with the -ve comments, go get a life!

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this demo!! It's awesome! I love your farm and your friend's farm too, but I don't see the description box where you said you posted the links to yours and his farms. Could you post those somewhere again please? Thanks!! :)

I just don't understand why people have to be so ugly! This was an awsome tutorial and so very helpful! I hope you do not stop making tutorials due to other people's nasty comments. Thank you for taking the time to show us this, some of us really appreciate it!

This was GREAT!!!! Thanks for sharing with all your FT farmers!!! Remember: "sticks 'n stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me." It is a person's own insecurity that causes one to be so cruel. All of us who truly enjoy FT appreciate your great effort!! Keep the tutorials coming!!

Hey gr8 info vdo tanx A million Ger from Eire

the video was awesome. looks really hard and time consuming, but definitely worth it.

Awesome! Thanks for the very clear instructions. Just ignore the butt holes who have nothing better to do. You are doing a great thing! Thanks again.

it so interesting.. thanks for that nice idea

Oh you Darling Darling Man, Thank you so much for taking the time to show us how to make the waterfalls(I have been slowly But surely losing my mind trying to figure out how to do them) so he is a big hug from me to you sweetness,(((((((( )))))))))))).You have made my day,bye and Happy farming.

Thank you for the idea, a friend showed it to me on a different farm and I loved it. Following your directions made the waterfall very simple. The Lake on the other hand was extremely difficult at first. I had a long learning curve, but by watching you a few times, finally figured it out. Thanx again for your help.

hello , its so beautyful that waterfall ,i try and try but cant get it right , i wish you could come to my farm and make me one , is that possible? if not thank for the nice idea , you must be smart to do it so beautyful :))

thanks for ur video demo wise man, it really help, been trying to figure the waterfall bits out...but failed...! *thumbs up* heck those nasty comments frm ppl who dont know u! :)

Thank you so very much for taking your time to show us how to make a prettier farm. I really enjoyed your tutorial. You communicate thoughts well yet don't talk 'down' to your audience. Thank you again. Please don't hesitate to add more tutorial videos. I will look for them.

thanks for the help. i will try all your hints and helps later after i get my mansion!

AWESOME !! Thank-you for a GREAT help video.. full of good ideas =)

Thank you for posting this, it helped me. Great instruction. Don't let idiots get you down. If they didn't need your help they wouldn't have clicked on your link, shame on them for calling you names. Maye you sould call them some names back. I know that won't happen. Why?? Because you're the bigger man. Thanks again, and don't stop posting instruction I still need help. Jim

You've inspired me! Your farm and your friend's farm are awesome!! Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I think I may have to watch it another half dozen times, but eventually I'll get it.

your demo is awsome and your farm is beautiful thanx for the tips it really is soooo easy ur rivers are so creative and different i love the two bridges together really nice and the hell with everyone else, they're coming to u for help they have alot of nerve insulting u but that just makes u sooooooooooooooo much BETTER than they are =-)~ thanx for the help again ur a sweetheart and pure genius!

not working for me, now I have dirt paths permanently stuck, can't move, hide, sell, delete them, nothing...pls help

You're farm is amazing!!! I hope i can get mine to look half as good as yours and i'll be very happy! Nice work

hello can you design my farm for me?? if thats okey with you!

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I have tried to figure this out for months. You are just the absolute best person alive for doing this!! HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!

im having a hard time making a waterfall please help

Thank you so much for yr tutorial i was really struggling to get the 3D effect with my stone fences.... thanks again

There is nothing wrong with being gay, but I am not sure sexual preference is correlated with talent with computer graphics. In any case, this is really cool and thanks for sharing it with everyone.

had figured it out but couldnt move some of the dirt paths now i know why thanks so much

what did you do to fix it? I have some dirt paths that I can't move, delete, sell or anything! Please help. Thank you!

The stuff you do is really cool. Actually I am thinking if there ever would be landscapers or architects in the world of farmtown whom players could hire.

Ty for the video your farm is beautiful. But i have tryed to make the water fall but Failed really badly. I cannot get the dirt over the water it turns red and will not let me start i have tryed several time but cannot get it to work. Is it possible that face book has changed since your video thats why i cannot make a waterfall? Ty you again.

dont let other morons spoil your wonderful ability to make other peoples life easier. thynk you so much for taking the timeto do this. lol keep up the good work

NOT A GAY?? It's not a sure thing.. you're a gay..!! just accept it

This is wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to show us all how to do this. Loved the overalls at the end of how fabulous it can look. You are AWESOME!

Your tutorial video is awesome !! I have some other peoples and they are grainy and can't tell what they are trying to do. Your farm is awesome and so is your friends. I'm still practicing on the waterfall technique, you make it look so simple. Have a great day.

The video was great, but I try it many times put the dirt in the river corner but it always say dirt path can only put in the grass. Pls help me, Im disperate.

Your tutorial was most helpful. You are a great teacher and a good person for wanting to help others. Thanks to you, I now have a waterfall for my farm!

Wow thank you so much, my lack of social life since farmtown has now been taken to a whole new level!!! I just made a waterfall with an elevated space that very soon my mansion will go on. It was just as easy as you made it out to be, thanks and look forward to many hours of revamping my farm!

How do you place the dirt on the water it wont accept the overlay

how and where do i add a link to my farm so it can be viewed

By your farm name there are 6 little boxes,if you click on the wrench a menu pops up,now tick remove space between fields and this will allow you to put the dirt path on the water.

mr.wise man i have tried so hard and bought everything over and over and still will not let me do the water fall could you email me with some ideals that i might be doing wrong. before this lap top goes across the room. and sorry theres always going to be butt heads in this world.

There is a simpler version of building waterfall shown in this blog you might want to try out first:

It will not let me put the dirt path on the water!! Can u help me?? your Farm is great!!

How can you make snow, a winter scene, xmas Items
I would like to get a jump on the season... on Farmtown

thank you so much for all your help

This guy is a n00b. He probably smells like dirty cheese

he touches little boys

That is amazing! You are so sweet to share your info with us! Thank you and your friend, hope I can figure out how to find the links so I can see them!

Wiseman, if you're still around, first, thanks so much for posting the demo, it's the first one that's actually worked for me. Very kind of you. Second, I'm having a little trouble, sometimes, when I place the dirt path, it disappears behind the river piece, when that happens, I can't layer the next piece, any suggestions on how to overcome this?

Wiseman, nevermind, I figured it out. you just have to make sure that the dirt path piece isn't touching the river piece under the one you just place, and I'm using the same technique to place flowers to hide the rough edges, it's looking awesome, thanks again.

I really don't like this profile of me is it possible to get a girl with some fine looks?

cant seem to open video please help

wow this is the most amazing farm i have seen on here. would you add me on farmtown so i can look at your farm every day and drull? here you can add me if you like .

Mr. Wise Man, thank you so much for the demo, I really appreciate for being very helpful to us. But I have a problem It says that dirt path can only be put on empty grass. So please, teach me how I will put the dirt path on the river? ASAP

Thanks but i cant get the dirt paths to go over the water. How do you get it to??

thank you so much for the tips...mabuhay!!!!!!!!!

thank you so much for the tips...mabuhay!!!!!!!!!

please help me i am having trouble with the dirt paths it wont allow me to put them anywhere except on the grass arrrghhhh Please give me some tips :) thanks

I need help putting the dirt paths on the water.please help me. thanks

Thanks wiseman ! I appreciate you doing the tutorial video. Your farm is amazing too !


potek kayo!!!mga tanga!!gago putang ina niyo!!delete mo yung comment ko kung gusto mo paks ko!!!wala akong pakialam sori ka na lng kung ganito ako!!

hey... isla nublar is from the jurassic park..(^_^)

I thought you did a wonderful job of demonstrating and explaining. Very clear to me and was able to do it myself on the first try

i need help with the dirt path on the water. it stays red. tried to move it around but to no avail. thanks

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