How To: Plow and earn money in FarmVille (09/24/09)

Plow and earn money in FarmVille (09/24/09)

FarmVille hacks, cheats, glitches. How to hack Farmville. Farmville is a Zynga game you play on Facebook. Grow delicious fruits and vegetables and raise adorable animals on your very own farm!

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to plow and earn money in FarmVille (09/24/09). See how to harvest an plant faster! Also, how to make quick money and EXP.

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With the dairy farms that they relased not long ago i've got a glitch! 1. buy 20 cows and put them in the shed
2. then refresh the page
3. you should have all your money back
Note: You better hurry up and do this cheat before zynga findout!

Another cheat
Pretty obvious more like a tip really but it's worth it!
If you want to expand your farm Heres how much they cost
14X14= 10,000C 8 neighbors
16X16= 25,000C 10 neighbors
18X18 50,000C 13 neighbors
20X20= 75,000 16 neighbors
1. Make lot's of hotmail account googlemail account or ymail accounts
2. sign them all up to facebook
befreinds with them on farmville and neighbors
Then you can buy a bigger farm!

You can have 3 different accounts open at the time heres how to do it
1. open internet explorer login to facebook
2. same with mozzila firefox
3. same with google chrome
4. now you should have 3 accounts open at the time!!!!

If something saids it will take 1day it only means 23 hours weird but it's true

When your farming on farmville if you find a rare animal follow this below
1. Click on adopt rare animal
2. copy the link and put it on a word document or anywhere
3. now if your brother or sister or whoever has an account you can get them to login on your computer paste the link and they should get the animal even if there not your freind!
Note if you want me to explain this better just ask me

where do u find the link? I haven't seen one.

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