How To: Plow without rows in Facebook's Farm Town (03/23/09)

Plow without rows in Facebook's Farm Town (03/23/09)

This video teaches how to plow without rows in Facebook's Flash game Farm Town. It is easiest to start at the top corner of your farm. Notice, put your cursor on the green highlight (or JUST below) of the plot. Then click left mouse button hold down and BARELY drag up and toward the plot to the left. It is tricky at first but after a field or two it is easy. This will DOUBLE the amount of crops you can plant on your farm.

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So much easier to do this if you simply click the tool wrench at the top of your screen and tick/untick the field spacing box. Nice effort anyway.

do you know how to change the fields plowed? I have spaces in between the plowed fields.. I can't change the areas I want to plow

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