How To: Use the river/pool in Farm Town (07/11/09)

Use the river/pool in Farm Town (07/11/09)

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you totally rock... i will practice this technique to my own farm so that i can amazed my friendz... thnaks for the steps... You really are a genius... CHEERS!!!! to u.....

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thanks for all your demos Wise Man, i'm trying to use them now. However, there are times when my rivers won't overlap even when i've placed dirt allover. can you tell me what i'm doing wrong? i just got to level 34 so it's time to beautify my farm. TIA.

hi wise man can you teach me how can i open my locked trees on farm town?

Is it possible to place river pieces right on the front edge so there is no grass showing? I want to make an ocean look at the bottom.

I can't get the dirt to place on the river.....please tell me what i am doing wrong.. Thank you.

Thanks for your tips on the waterfall they really I have a cool waterfall...have a wonderful day...:)

Hi need help, I want to make a waterfall first but im so lost.. please help me...

why i can't do it now?? the dirt wont go on top of the river corner??? can u please help me? thnx in advance

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