How To: Use TypingRobot V1.0 (cheat Typing Maniac) (08/05/09)

Use TypingRobot V1.0 (cheat Typing Maniac) (08/05/09)

TypingRobot is an artificial intelligence studied to increase your points record with the Typing Maniac game on Facebook. It can recognize several labels because it uses a powerfull OCR system (tesseract) and some principle of word correction. With this program you can make millions of points without problems (my personal record is about 2.700.000 points).

How to use it?

It's very easy. Just launch the application, then you see a window (there is a "TypingRobot V1.0" label on the top) with an empty screen. At this point, you may run your game on Facebook and overlap the TypingRobots window to perfectly match the screen of the game (its important). Moreover there is a preview window that show you the text recognized by the program. You can write automatically the recognized text pressing SHIFT or CONTROL or 0(numpad). Press the autoplay only when necessary, do not overflow the game pressing the key continually.

System Requirements:

This software can run only on Windows platforms. It works at best with a 32 bit desktop, 24 bit desktop its not supported. A good CPU is needed, recommended dual-core cpu or higher. Windows XP/Vista.

You can buy it at this address:

It is not a script, a project to compile, it is a pure windows *.exe with installer, just click the icon and it executes. I do not take any responsibility in how you will use this program. The Apache License 2.0 for Tesseract is included with the installer.

Typing Maniac hacks, cheats, glitches. How to hack Typing Maniac. Description of the app on Facebook:

Be like a writer in a lonely library and test the speed of your fingers! Type the falling words as fast as you can before they reach the ground. Earn bonuses for typing words without making mistakes.

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i already downloaded the demo type.

Where can I download it!!! please give me the link

Gianpaolo Ingegneri, please make all your software FREEWARE!!!!!!!!

Or you will be banned permanently on all MetroGames Apps.

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