How To: Walkthrough the flash game Droppy (win in 112 clicks)

Walkthrough the flash game Droppy (win in 112 clicks)

Enter the game and select Stage 1. Click on the rock above you to make a snake come out. Click on the cactus and drop it on the snake to make a hat. Stage 2: Click and drag the trash to the right and click on the lamp. Click on the taxi that will appear to pass Stage 2. Stage 3: Click and drag the brick to the glass above to break it, open the door, and turn on the lamp. Grab the antenna and put it in the black hole on the edge of the building. Stage 4: Click on the boat and then click on your character to make him step inside. Click on the worm and drag the worm to your fish-hook. Click on the fish and then click on the boat to pass this level. Stage 5: Click two times inside the first circle, once in the second circle, and three times in the third circle. Click on the gold item. Stage 6: Drag the three sticks on the rocks to the center of the screen, pick the magnifying glass, and place above the sticks. Drag the cloud to the right and click on your character. Stage 7: Break the egg and put it on your head. Pick up the two horns and put the horns on the egg above your head. Place the yellow grass on your character and take the stick from the tree and put it in the character also. Click on the other character. Stage 8: Click on the tree and on your character and wait until the shark comes. Click on the coconut to drop it on the shark's head. Stage 9: Drag the door to the right. Click on the helmet, on the bag, and on the glasses. Take out all four screws in the panel on the left, cut the three wires, and click on your character to pass this stage. Stage 10: Click on the rope above and on the green plant to destroy the monster eyes. Do this three times and click on your character. Final Stage: Put powder in the cannon and clean it up. Put one ball in it and light the cannon with the fire to be able to throw the ball. Click three times on the cannon and repeat three more times. On the fourth time, click three times and repeat to free the girl and win the game.

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