How To: Walkthrough the flash game Foreign Creature 2

Walkthrough the flash game Foreign Creature 2

In this video, you will be walked through the game Foreign Creature. There are human characters in this one, with word clouds, in an office setting with bulletin board, desks, rolling shelves, and tack boards. In another scene of the game, you will see a hospital setting with nurses, surgery table, patient, medical equipment, and doctors. In this setting, the patient is a foreign creature who blacks out the medical staff and proceeds to stalk the hospital. Police try to capture the humanoid-like creature that is kind of like an ape in pants. Yet, in another scene, there is a young couple watching television. Next, there is a night club with music, spotlights, an entertainer, and a band back up. After the show, a strange incident happens in the star's dressing room. In the final scene, there is a room with televisions and computer monitors, like a penthouse apartment, in which there is a girl. The human-like creatures seem to emit a beam from their face, brain, or chest that cause unusual shifts in the items around them, such as relocation, fire, stuns and so on. A blood-hungry alien has been sent to earth to gain strength and develop an elevated army to take back home with him. This video walk-through is from Tasselfoot who beat the Foreign Creature 2 game.

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