How To: Beat the QWOP game with an untraditional Olympic running approach

Beat the QWOP game with an untraditional Olympic running approach

QWOP. What the heck is QWOP? It's seems like an acronym, but it's not. Think QWERTY and you'll get the picture.

It's the Q, W, O and P on your computer keyboard, and those four letters will help you play the QWOP Game. It's been around for a while now, but it still gets the best of us, even hardcore gamers.

You can play QWOP over at PrimaryGames. The original one over at Foddy doesn't seem to be working anymore.

In the QWOP game, you are QWOP, the sole representative of your nation at the Olympic Games, although you're probably more suited to play in the Special Olympics. You have to control the rag doll runner's leg muscles to get him to run, pressing Q and W for his thighs and O and P for his calves. Try and make it to 100 meters and you win!

But winning isn't easy. To beat this rag doll game, you might have to use a non-traditional strategy. Watch this video to see how it's done. Closely observe the buttons being pressed and you will see how to get him to shimmy down the race track. Learn from this, then double it and make it all the way to the 100m goal.

How well can you play QWOP game? Some call it the hardest flash game in the world— do you agree?

Oh, and the song in the video fits perfectly— "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler. Are you a hero?

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