How To: Hack EXP, HP, pupils and ranks in MyBrute (08/12/09)

Hack EXP, HP, pupils and ranks in MyBrute (08/12/09)

Hack mybrute with this mybrute cheat. MyBrute hacks, cheats, tricks. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack EXP, HP, pupils and ranks in MyBrute (08/12/09).

1. Go to MyBrute
2. Create your character. You can change the look if you want.
3. Copy this code on your browser.

javascript: document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode = 'on'; void 0

4. Search it.
5. Edit your current hp to 9999999.
6. Edit your current level to 9999999.
7. Edit your currrent pupils to 9999999.
8. Edit your current victories to 99999999.
9. Edit your rankings to Brutal Legend. Make sure you spell it right or your browser will crash.
10. Enjoy your level 9999 brute!!!

Visit to play the game. In the words of mybrute: Mybrute is a flash based arena fighting game. Players create "brutes" and fight other players to gain experience and equipment. You can fight against other Brutes in the arena and recruit new pupils. Gain experience and fight tough in the ranking to become... THE BRUTE!

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1.go to this website:
2. create a name for your character. VALIDATE
4.when you level up to 5 will give you random level to 11-15
trust me it works ENJOY!!

chance of getting special pet is random but you get a 50% chance of getting one if you pupil someone that has one already but you need to be at least level 3-5
I origianlly got a panther/wolf with this guy:

and than I pupil myself using the above account and got another panther/wolf:
so try pupiling one of the two and im sure u can get a wolf/panther. good luck!!
I also have a bear account if you wanna see if you can get one:

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