How To: Use Cheat Engine to hack Agony the Portal (09/19/09)

Use Cheat Engine to hack Agony the Portal (09/19/09)

The video explains how to hack the game Agony: The portal. First he clicked the start game and created new character by entering the name as test dummy and set the difficulty level as normal. The he clicked the start campaign. While entering the game he skipped the tutorial and directly he went into the game.

He used arrow keys for moving around and he attacked the enemy approaching him using the space. After completing the first level he opened the inventory and went inside the skills screen. He initially had 5 skill points.

Then he opened the Cheat engine 5.5. He searched for the current browser he is playing the game and opened it. In the hex value he typed the skill point as 4 and clicked the first scan. Then he checked the frozen box and changed the value as 999. The skill point got increased to 998. He increased the fitness and magic too. He added that using this we can hack many flash games.

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